Wine review: Yalumba 2006 Viognier

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Jon says... Buy

A great example of viognier. It’s got all the right tastes of peach, apricot and flowers. And it’s bold and full of personality. Viognier is the anti-chardonnay. It’s big and bold, but it refuses to be flexible. That’s what I love about viognier. You can’t mess with the viognier grape.

I can’t pair this wine well with anything. I am doing my best to match it to flavors, but viognier is weird and distinct enough to throw your off. It’s too big for a salad, but not enough for meat. Maybe it’s just perfect alone.

Ted says... Well Priced

The first bottle I bought of this was bad—yes, somewhere along the line from vineyard to my apartment the wine changed from deliciousness to disgustingness.

Trying this wine again with Jon, it was immediately clear that my first bottle indeed had gone bad. This wine now was floral and fruity and delicious on the nose. It was nice and light, and even a tad sweet. It’s going to go great being served chilled on a nice summer’s day, lounging by the pool.

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