Wine review: Woop Woop 2006 Shiraz

Well priced
Woop Woop
South Eastern, Australia
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Jon says... Well Priced

Tasty and fine, but lacking any unique characteristics. This would make a great bottle with dinner, but on its own its a little weak. Fine blend of red and dark fruits, but nothing special.

Ted says... Well Priced

What a uniquely named wine! “Woop woop” is Australian for “not nearby” and this winery is aptly named that because they source their grapes from other areas within their region. Not only that, but they have one of the coolest corks ever. It’s a rubbery-ish cork that has a little tail that you unwind and afterwards your left with a reusable cork stop, how clever!

However, the wine isn’t as unique as the rest of the bottle is. This Shiraz needs about 10 minutes to open up and has a bit of fruit and a bit of spice on the nose, but nothing in particular. The wine has ok structure but the finish is a bit flaky, with mild oaking. That said, it’s an easy drinker and will likely go well with lighter foods, like chicken or pastas.

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