Wine review: Turning Leaf 2006 Pinot Noir

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Turning Leaf
Pinot Noir
Pfalz, Germany
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Trader Joes
This wine is good for...
nothing... save your money

Jon says... Don't Buy

Undrinkable. Absolutely no acidity balance and sickeningly sweet at the end. If you own it, return it. If it’s already opened, dump it. If you see it in the store, run.

Ted says... Don't Buy

With the advice of my lawyer, Jon, I have been advised not to purchase this bottle :) However, I have had this wine before and I agree, it’s not good. We have reviewed lots of great bottles that you can get for $7, but this is not one of them. Don’t assume it is good because you see it everywhere, unless you assume Budweiser is good because it appears everywhere too. Save your money.

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jon's picture
jon wrote 5 years 11 weeks ago

Hey… I like Budweiser.

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