Wine review: Trader Joes 2006 Chardonnay

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California, USA
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Jon says... Well Priced

Smooth, clean and tasty. Nothing special of course, but it’s not half bad. It’s got a good mix of fruit flavors with some strong oak that comes in at the end.

Trader Joe’s is trying to ride the “Coastal” wave started by Beaulieu Vineyards a few years ago. “Coastal” does not mean that the grapes were grown along the coast. In this case, I think the were probably from California’s Central Valley. Instead, “Coastal” indicates a smoother, lighter style of wine. While wine geeks will turn their nose up at “Coastal” wines, the other 99% of the world will ask for a second glass.

Ted says... Well Priced

This is a well made Chardonnay that is typical across the board, nothing fancy. Trader Joes is known for great cheap products and this wine lives up to that. On the nose I’m getting some nice, but subtle fruity notes of apple, pineapple and melon. The finish is smooth and just a tad bit oaky, giving the wine a hint of structure that will hold up to stronger fish or chicken dishes. This wine is all about subtly and if you’re just venturing into Chardonnay, it’s a great starter.

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