Wine review: Sainte-Croix 2006 Syrah-Merlot blend

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Syrah-Merlot blend
Languedoc, France
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Trader Joes
This wine is good for...
a dinner party
weekend fun
a holiday

Jon says... Buy

Cheap, big and cheap. It combines the power of a syrah with the substance of a merlot… not that either grape needed it. Probably blended the syrah and merlot to round out some shortcomings of the grapes when alone. But it worked and they turned it into something alltogether drinkable. A good pairing with roasted chicken or turkey and roasted potatoes. It’s good for a quick weeknight glass or when you need to bring a bottle to a party. Heck, bring it to a holiday dinner and tell everyone it was expensive.

Ted says... Buy

For $5, this makes an excellent food wine! A bit of smoke and spice on the noise, bringing in the Syrah, and a touch of plummy, adding in the Merlot this wine is full with firm Syrah tannins that are softened by Merlot. This wine definitely needs food—it’s not fruity enough and a bit too tannic to drink alone. I enjoyed it with some grilled chicken and it was fantastic. Probably would go even better with some heartier meats like a great pepper steak.

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