Wine review: Rudolf Muller 2005 "Bunny" Riesling

Rudolf Muller
Pfalz, Germany
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Jon says... Buy

It’s got that balance that most German rieslings are killing for. At first it’s tart, no clear “green apple” or “citrus” tartness, but the acidity is there. The acidity fades nicely into a long pleasant sweetness. This is the ideal entry level German riesling. It gets you involved and makes you fight to explain why you like it. Try this one and, if you like it, move on to the better stuff.

My new friend, JLM, described it like this: tart, like a sweet-tart, then surprisingly fresh. Like a pomegranate. Difficult at the beginning, but exciting once you get into it. The flavors are not easy to pin down, but watch out for skittles, honeysuckle and pineapple.

Ted says... Well Priced

This is a Qualitatswein german wine, meaning it’s a “quality wine from a special region”. This isn’t as good as Pradikat rated wine but it’s still good. And this wine is just that, still good. It has a nose that has honeydew and slight melon on it, and it finishes quite sweet, which I love. It’s a very easy drinker and would pair quite well with spicy Thai or spicy Chinese food, or it would be great sipping it on it’s own for dessert.

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