Wine review: Red Truck Winery 2006 White Truck Pinot Grigio

Red Truck Winery
Pinot Grigio
Sonoma, California, USA
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This wine is good for...
a house party
weekend fun
relaxing at home

Jon says... Don't Buy

Tastes like honey and oak and smells a little bit like flowers. White Truck broke with the trend and oak aged their Pinot Grigio. This gave it a darker color and much more flavor than the other Pinot Grigios that we tried. While I encourage unconventional winemaking, this was not a good decision.

Pinot Grigio is supposed to be light and refreshing. If you want a white with some body and substance, skip the Pinot Grigio and pick up a bottle of chardonnay. This bottle tries to have it both ways: refreshing and deep. I think that it fails at both.

Ted says... Buy

Nice summer fruit and citrus on the nose sets this wine up well. It is followed by good structure and a light and clean finish—-not as acidic as the Barefoot pinot grigio. This wine is going to go best with a day of boating or sitting around a bonfire on a cool summer’s eve.

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