Wine review: Ravenswood 2005 Zinfandel

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Lodi, California, USA
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Jon says... Buy

These grapes were grown in Lodi, out in the Central Valley of California where it gets much hotter than Napa or Sonoma. Zinfandel grapes love the heat and get super ripe. Lodi is known for producing the biggest, most flavorful zins in California. Even better, land in Lodi is cheaper than Napa or Sonoma, so you are getting the best quality for a great price. There are huge raspberry and blackberry flavors here, with some chocolate and spice undertones. Whenever I drink a zin like this, I can’t help but picture a grilled steak. The charred bits from the grilling go so well with this wine… it’s an unbelievable combo.

Ted says... Buy

This Zinfandel is excellent. It has a great medium body to it, with hints of raspberry and vanilla and a nice oaky finish. The medium level of tannins crave for some steak and when drank with some grilled steak, the results are excellent. I drank this wine with some grilled pepper skirt steak and it was fantastic.

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