Wine review: Purple Moon 2005 Shiraz

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Purple Moon
California, USA
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a house party
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Jon says... Buy

Solid, flavorful and surprisingly complex for a $4 bottle. It has big berry flavors and some chocolate at the end. They did syrah just right with this one… big, powerful and unsophisticated. I really liked this one.

Ted says... Well Priced

At $4, this is a great value Shiraz, err wait, Syrah? Seems like this California winery is trying to ride on the popularity of the Australian Shiraz varietal name, and instead of calling it’s wine more appropriately Syrah, it’s opted for Shiraz. Any why? The Aussies are known for their great, value wines and this one certainly lines up with that.

While nothing special, there is a bit of fruit and spice on the nose, a touch of oak in the finish, as it wraps up pretty quickly. An easy drinker, this is a great wine to bring with you camping as you grill up some hot dogs, chicken, and other simple dishes.

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