Wine review: Penfolds 2005 Thomas Hyland Shiraz

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Jon says... Well Priced

Big, solid and peppery. This bottle is potent, but not overpowering. I especially liked the dark fruit tastes, like blackberry and blueberry, in the background. In my opinion, this is a civilized shiraz.

Ted says... Buy

Penfolds was founded in 1844 and is one of the largest wine exporters in Australia. As a result, they have much more tried and true methods, along with land that has been cultivated in just the right manner for years. This results in great tasting wine for sure.

The Thomas Hyland label at Penfolds was created to honor the legacy of Dr. Penfold’s son-in-law and represent a quality that is above some of their other regular bin cheaper wines.

At first pour this Shiraz is much too closed. Give it a good 10-15 min to decant and it opens up beautifully. On the nose is nice spice and dark fruits and the finish is smooth and nicely oaked, suggesting it’ll pair great with foods, especially steaks, and my favorite, filet mignon, delicious! And just now, with this milk chocolate bunny sitting on my desk, it pairs amazingly well with this wine. Great for dessert ;-)

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