Wine review: Meridian 2006 Chardonnay

California, USA
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Jon says... Don't Buy

Boring wine. It’s got some fruit flavors, but nothing special. It’s got some oak, but not enough to be one of those oak-bomb chardonnays. This is the Meg of the California chardonnays. And just like Meg, it’s obnoxious. You pour yourself a glass of it and feel obligated to finish it before you move on to something better.

The Smoking Loon chardonnay moderates fruit and oak flavors in a way that works. The Meridian tries for the same balance, but falls flat on its face. But it does have a cool painting on the label (very early ’90’s).

Ted says... Buy

This is a very good example of what a Chardonnay should be. On the nose it nice fruit—green apple, a bit of pineapple, and even a little tangerine. It is full bodied and has very nice oakiness that gives it good structure. It is a nicely balanced wine and a pleasure to drink. This wine is a delight on it’s own, or with food, is going to go great with seafood, BBQ chicken, or even a hearty pasta dish.

The best part about the wine is the back label which reads:

Wind at your back. Water everywhere. The Pacific. A full sail. Friend at the helm. Sunny and bright. The day. The wine. Chardonnay. This Chardonnay.

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