Wine review: Los Vascos 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon

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Los Vascos
Cabernet Sauvignon
Colchagua Valley, Chile
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Jon says... Buy

Old World style meets New World value. This bottle is made in Chile by Domaine Barones de Rothschild, king of the elite Bordeaux Lafite ($500 a bottle for their 2006 release). This is a pretty cool deal, since you pay South American prices for a wine grown and blended by the best. There is some warm toasty oak to provide body and noteable tannins that make it food-friendly. I would definitely drink it with a filet, a burger or even alone. The French influence kept the wine from going too big, like may Chilean reds (fruitbombs), and instead decided on a smooth blend of quality fruit. This is a great wine for sitting in front of the fireplace.

Ted says... Buy

What a fantastic and versatile wine! At first this wine is too tannic and closed—if you give it 10 minutes it’ll open up and taste much better. This wine is a medium-bodied cabernet so it’s lighter and fruity compared to fuller cabernets. This quality makes it an easier drinker and also a more versatile pairing wine. I enjoyed it with some black pepper skirt steak and it was fantastic. Post-dinner it still tasted great, even if those tannins were yearning for something delicious to offset them.


misanthrope's picture
misanthrope wrote 5 years 10 weeks ago

Emotional Wine Review:

My first glass of this started off interestingly enough. I detected notes of optimism and hope. A second glass even brought forth a certain devil-may-care joie de vivre.

Halfway through the bottle however, a tannic self-doubt began to take hold. It paired well with a dipping self-esteem, and a neurotic fear of the unknown. An oaky fear of failure also began to make itself known.

Towards the end of the bottle, there were increasing notes of tobacco (though chain smoking unfiltered cigarettes may have contributed to this). Crushing self doubt and solipsism became more and more dominant. At this point, I would pair with heartbreak, violent anger and regret.

My last several sips tasted almost exactly like bourbon – but at this point my memory is a little hazy, and my observations are probably less than reliable.

adrienne2934's picture
adrienne2934 wrote 5 years 8 weeks ago

With food or alone, this wine is delicious and inexpensive, I try to always have a few bottles on hand – great to take to parties or whip out for the unexpected drop-in. You can get it in the DC area at Costco for $6.99 and in groceries stores for a dollar more. The Los Vascos Cab Reserve is twice as much and too tannic – I prefer this version, lighter and fruity. Yum.

ted's picture
ted wrote 5 years 8 weeks ago

$7 at Costco, wow that makes this wine even more of a deal! Great tip indeed :)

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