Wine review: La Rocca Vineyards 2005 Organic Zinfandel

Don't buy
La Rocca Vineyards
Organic Zinfandel
Sutter County, California, USA
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Whole Foods
This wine is good for...
nothing... save your money

Jon says... Don't Buy

Yuck.. ick… oh so bad. It’s got a bunch of flavors, but none of them particularly pleasant. Don’t buy this bottle.

Ted says... Don't Buy

This is the first organic Zinfandel I’ve had and it’s interesting, to say the least. It’s overly spicy, a bit too vegetal, a bit too tannic, and the finish is too vegetal too. It’s not balanced at all and it’s overly powering. Considering the Ravenswood 2005 Zinfandel is $4 cheaper than this wine and exceptionally better, it’s no doubt, this wine is not a good buy at all.

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