Wine review: La Ferme Julien 2006

La Ferme Julien
Rhone Valley, France
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This wine is good for...
a house party
a dinner party
weekend fun
relaxing at home
a holiday

Jon says... Buy

Weird blend of white grapes that most people have never heard of. I love these wines because they are tasty and cheap. From the Rhone in southeastern France, which produces a large quantity of simple but very drinkable wines, and this bottle definitely fits the bill. It has some bright acidity was definitely aged in some oak to give it some depth. Goes well with everything. Definite picnic wine.

Ted says... Well Priced

This is a great tasting, fruity aperitif. It kind of like riesling meets sauvignon blanc—it’s citrusy and a bit acidic. There are some good pineapple flavors coming through in this wine and it is a very easy drinker. Would be perfect for a summer eve, hanging out side with friends.

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