Wine review: Gruet NV Blanc de Noirs

Blanc de Noirs
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
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Jon says... Buy

Wow! Wine from New Mexico. How cool is that Gruet is blazing the wine-making trail in the American southwest. Winemakers should be paying attention, because Gruet really stumbled onto something good. This is a tasty, well-priced bottle of sparkling wine.

Blanc de noirs is a special blend of pinot noir and pinot meunier grapes, with no chardonnay added. This results in a fruitier wine that is better alone or with dessert. 2GU has paired this wine with WANM’s Valentines Day desserts. I prefer the berries with mascarpone cream (oh so erotic), but this wine can wash down the chocolate decadence cake just fine. A great way to end your Valentines Day dinner!

Ted says... Well Priced

As I first filled up this glass (best way to pour bubbly: pour a tiny bit, like a half ounce or so, let the bubbles settle, then pour the rest down the center of the glass) the beads (or the bubbles) really built up, filling my glass with bubbles, reminding me of my childhood bubble baths. Swirling it around confirmed it: this wine is super bubbly :)

Because this is a blanc de noir (made from Pinot Noir instead of Chardonnay), it’s a bit more fruiter than normal sparkling wines. And with one of my favorite pairings being chocolate chip cookies and Pinot Noir, it’s a no brainer that this blanc de noir goes amazingly well which chocolate decadence cake. Mmm, mmm, good.

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