Wine review: Gloria Ferrer NV

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Gloria Ferrer
Sonoma County, California, USA
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Jon says... Buy

I have dirty thoughts about this California sparkling wine. It’s just soooo good. It’s full of a ripe green apple flavor with a toasty bread background. When you pour it, there is the perfect amount of little bubbles filling up your glass. Although they are in a similar price range, Piper-Sonoma and Chandon are in a different league than Gloria. TJ’s and WFs know how good Gloria is, you won’t find it on sale as frequently as the others.

If you ever get to visit Northern California, you have to visit the Gloria Ferrer Caves in Sonoma. Less than an hour from SF, Gloria has the perfect location. Perched on a hill, you can hang out on their patio with a glass (or a bottle) and spend hours looking at 360 degrees of grape vines and rolling green landscape.

Like a beautiful single woman, if you see a bottle of Gloria on sale make sure to strike now before the guy next to you does.

Pair Gloria with an apple or peach tarte, cheesecake, or spicy almonds (available at the winery).

Ted says... Buy

What a great sparkling wine! I was first introduced to this wine in May of 2004 during wines class and going through my notes, I loved it back then, and I still love it now. This wine is made using the methode champenoise and it produces a well balanced wine with nice, small bubbles. There is a slightly fresh fruit nose with a finish that is smooth and slightly creamy. This wine would pair excellent with sushi or other japanese food.

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