Wine review: George Duboeuf 2007 Gamay

Well priced
George Duboeuf
Beaujolais, France
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a wine tasting party
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Jon says... Well Priced

Fruity, fun and a little fizzy. This is the true entry level French red wine. Every fall they pick the gamay grapes in Beaujolais, barrel the juice for a few weeks, then bottle and ship it immediately. In mid-November, the Beaujolais Noveaux is released and people go crazy for it. It is made using a special process (carbolic maceration) that extracts the fruit flavors but doesn’t get any tannins from the grape skins. So it’s a light, fruity, non-serious French red wine… and it’s got a shiny, rainbow label to catch your eye.
1) drink it immediately. It does not get better with age, so buy and drink it before New Years. After that it’s downhill.
2) drink it chilled. Not cold, but stick in in the fridge for 20 minutes.
3) drink it with friends and food, but don’t try to impress your boss with this stuff. It’s fun, not fancy.

Ted says... Well Priced

Right around my birthday in November (the 3rd Thursday to be precise) the Beaujolais Nouveaux is released and the partying commences. This light and fruity wine is released so fast after the grapes are picked that you start to see some interesting characteristics. It’s best to drink this slightly chilled as this highlights the fruity nature of this wine more. With big red fruit on the nose and a banana enhanced flavor, this wine goes down easy with only a touch of tannins. Drink it on it’s own or enjoy it with either some of your favorite spicy or fruity holiday dishes! Pumpkin pie comes to mind :)

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