Wine review: Full Circle 2006 Chardonnay

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Full Circle
California, USA
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Jon says... Buy

Nice and balanced. This was the surprise in the mix of loser organic wines. Good fruitiness at the beginning, with some spiciness and oak at the end. It’s got a nice acidity balance, so it will pair with most foods. I would have this wine with salmon sushi.

Ted says... Buy

Organically grown chardonnay grapes really give this chardonnay nice character. While not as big, toasty, and buttery as other chardonnays, this one is lighter with good fruit, and a touch of oak in the finish. For those that don’t like chardonnay, this might be a great one to try—it’s organic nature and fruitiness might reveal a new liking for this grape. In other words, chardonnay for those that don’t like chardonnay.

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