Wine review: Frey NV Natural White

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California, USA
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Jon says... Don't Buy

This wine has an oaky, vegetal nose. At first, it’s got a pleasant taste with acidity and fruit flavors, but that quickly fades into something bland and boring. After that, there is nothing redeeming about this wine. It just doesn’t taste very good. I can’t imagine something that I would pair it with.

Ted says... Don't Buy

It’s rare for me and Jon not to finish a bottle of wine once we open it, but in this case, we barely got through a glass of wine each. This wine reminds me of nyquil, ya know that cough syrup your mom made you take when you were sick as a kid and it tasted disgusting? This wine is not good at all, it’s super grape-y, and well, just not good at all.

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