Wine review: Frey NV Natural Red

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California, USA
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Jon says... Mediocre

Ok, it’s drinkable… but that’s about it. It has a tolerable nose with a few levels of flavor, but none of them are any good. It’s not there yet. Maybe in a couple years, this wine could smooth out its flaws, but right now it’s not the answer. This is disappointing since it comes from one of the more advanced organic wine producers. It looks like organic wine has a long way to go.

Ted says... Don't Buy

Like its white counterpart, this red is not good at all. It’s not balanced and the flavors, if any, are coming across jumbled. Best to save your hard earned $8 and take $5 of it and buy a bottle of the Santa Ema Cabernet Sauvignon, which is an exceptional wine and put that remaining $3 into your savings account.

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