Wine review: Francis Ford Coppola 2006 Bianco Pinot Grigio

Francis Ford Coppola
Pinot Grigio
California, USA
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Trader Joes
This wine is good for...
a house party
relaxing at home

Jon says... Buy

Now this is what Pinot Grigio is all about. Refreshing! At first taste, it’s like drinking cold water. My friend Adam said that it tastes a little bit like water from an old well. It’s got mineral flavors like iron and slate. There is a little bit of fruitiness, but not much. This is the perfect wine for a hot summer day.

Ted says... Well Priced

“Bianco” is Francis Coppola’s take on a great table wine—the one he grew up with, and I agree. This is a fantastic table wine. It’s nothing super special, but it’s an easy drinker all around. Light fruit and light acidity, this wine is going to pair well with appetizers and light dishes, or just drinking it with friends on a warm summers eve. Bonus points for the special glass you get by purchasing each bottle (I’m assuming something a la “while supplies last”).

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