Wine review: Domaine Ste. Michelle NV

Domaine Ste. Michelle
Columbia Valley, California, USA
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This wine is good for...
a house party
weekend fun
relaxing at home

Jon says... Mediocre

There are not many clear flavors here. Just some light fruit flavors with a good acidity balance. This bottle is the most generic of the $5 – $15 Champagne/sparkling wines that 2GU has reviewed. However, it is cheap and there is nothing wrong with it. So, I give it a “mediorcre” and suggest that you use this stuff to make Mimosas.

Ted says... Mediocre

Domaine Ste. Michelle is one of my favorite wineries located just outside of Seattle. But this wine isn’t as good as some of their other wines. This brut sparkling wine has small bubbles and hints of apple and other fruit. It would go best as a 2nd round of celebration or some Chinese noodles.

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