Wine review: Domaine Chandon NV

Domaine Chandon
California, USA
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This wine is good for...
a dinner party
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weekend fun
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a holiday

Jon says... Buy

Domaine Chandon and Piper-Sonoma are head-to-head competitors. Both have a great balance and crispness, and both have small, refined bubbles. But when I drink them next to each other I like Chandon more. The Chandon Brut has better-defined flavors of citrus and bread and it’s a little sweeter.

So, I guess it’s just a personal preference thing. Next time you are having a dinner party, grab a bottle of the Chandon and the Piper and try them both. Chances are, one of them will be your new everyday Champagne… I mean sparkling wine. Until you meet Gloria.

Ted says... Mediocre

The Chandon Brut Classic is made using the traditional champagne method. It has small bubbles with a touch of pear and apple and a slightly off balance finish. For the price out here in DC, on the east coast (around $3-5 more than out in CA), it’s not worth it. The Gloria Ferrer is much better and in the same price range.

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