Wine review: Contadino 2006 Pinot Grigio

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Pinot Grigio
Tre Venezie, Italy
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Jon says... Buy

My favorite of the bunch, but not by much. It’s clean and fresh with lemon and straw flavors a refreshing metallic aftertaste. This is the bottle that helped me discover that secret behind Pinot Grigio: drink it like you would drink water. On a hot summer night, nothing’s better.

Ted says... Buy

This wine comes from a region in Northeast Italy called the Tre Venezie, a region known for producing some of Italy’s best wines because of it’s unique microclimate. However, this wine is not super unique in its nature. It has a touch of melon-y fruit that finishes up with a clean touch of mineral. Overall, it’s super light and refreshing and is going to go great with light dishes. I cooked up some chicken covered in corn flakes with potatoes on the side and this wine went fantastic with it. It also goes great by itself. Definitely a wine for those that don’t drink wine or are trying to get into it.

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