Wine review: Big House 2006 "The Birdman" Pinot Grigio

Well priced
Big House
Pinot Grigio
Monterey County, California, USA
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Jon says... Well Priced

Spicy with peach + floral flavors and a solid acidic backbone, this wine is built for food. The crab-cake recommended by We Are Not Martha is ideal. It’s got enough acidity and finish to balance out the rich fried exterior, but light and fresh enough to show off the delicate crab flavor.

Sure the label is kitschy with birds and jail-jokes, but the wine is solid. Big House has been making wine for 17 years and has not lost its sense of humor. The winery used to be a subsidiary of Bonny Doon, the iconic Santa Cruz area pop-vineyard, but was sold to a big wine conglomerate in 2006. Luckily they have been smart enough not to mess with a good product. It’s a fun, tasty, legal way to begin a special meal.

Ted says... Well Priced

Pinot Grigio is what the Italians call Pinot Gris—however, both words are generally used interchangeably but just remember they are talking about the same grape :) This Pinot Grigio has great peachy and pear aromas, finishing off with even more pear on an acidic finish. This wine is great as an aperitif by itself or enjoyed with an appetizer, such as the lovely crab cakes We Are Not Martha cooked up, or even some takeout Asian food.

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