Wine review: Bears' Lair 2005 Viognier

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Bears' Lair
California, USA
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Trader Joes
This wine is good for...
nothing... save your money

Jon says... Don't Buy

Lighter than most Viogniers that I’m used to. The winemaker definitely pulled back on the flavor in an effort to make a wine that has “mass-appeal.” What a mistake. Viognier is not made for the masses. Let them drink Chardonnay. Viognier is the rebel of white wines. This bottle is like buying a leather jacket at the Gap.

Give the other bottles a try. They give the respect that Viognier deserves.

Ted says... Mediocre

A $5 Viognier that I had high hopes for falls below the mark. Overall the wine is kind of bland. On the nose is some slight floral hints with a tiny touch of honey in the finish, but that’s about it. It’s an easy drinker, reminding me of my aunt’s favorite: white zin—there is just nothing to this wine. Your best bet is to save your money, or spend $1 more and go with the Honey Moon, a considerably better Viognier.

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