Wine review: A to Z 2006 Pinot Noir

A to Z
Pinot Noir
Oregon, USA
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Jon says... Well Priced

Pinot noir from Oregon is unique. Instead of the big fresh fruit flavors expected from California pinots, Oregon pinots have deep dried fruit characteristics. Think dried cherries and prunes. It’s consistently cool in Oregon, so the grapes ripen slower than in hot locales like Somona. If you are looking for a whole new set of flavors, check out this well priced Oregon pinot.

Ted says... Well Priced

This lighter colored and cool tasting Pinot Noir reminds me of the crisp, cool climate of Portland. I’m a big fan of cool climate pinot noirs—-they are easy to drink, finish crisp and clean, and are versatile in the kitchen. This would go great with a chicken or pasta dish or my favorite, some chocolate chip cookies and Family Guy :-)

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