What to do Without a Date on Valentine's Day

Not everyone has a hot date to celebrate with on Valentine’s Day (Ted and I are both single and dateless.. hint hint). But this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on February 14th. In Bulgaria, Feb. 14th is Trifon Zarezan, or Wine-Grower’s Day. It’s a big party, so don’t hole-up in your apartment all alone on Thursday. Get out there and celebrate great wine!!

2 Guys Uncorked and We Are Not Martha have put together a great evening that’s full of food, friends and laughter… and booze. Lots of booze.

The Other Valentine’s Day Menu

Other Valentines Day Pizza
  • Make Your Own Pizza
    1. Get a pizza dough from the local pizza place.
    2. Get some sauce, good mozzarella cheese and a million toppings.
    3. Get a bunch of friends together.
    4. Have fun!
For more detailed directions on the “Make-Your-Own-Pizza”, check out We Are Not Martha
  • Three Thieves “Bandit”. Wine in a juice-box! Forget dessert, pop a straw in one of these guys and head out to the bars. Lots of single people out there tonight looking for someone to love. If you bring along an extra “Bandit”, it will be a great way to meet new ‘friends’.

We are not Martha came up with a great mix of music for people celebrating Valentine’s Day. Well, I want to share a mix by my friend and colleague, Adam Bender, for the rest of us. Check it out on his blog Twelve from the Graveyard.

Happy Trifon Zarezan!!

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