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Wine Glass Shootout: Taste the Difference

Wine Glass Shootout: Taste the Difference

Drinking wine is all about the aromas and flavors — a subtle hint of mint is complex flavor in a Bordeaux blend, but perhaps the scent of gasoline could make or break an aged Riesling. And vintage to vintage, wine is going to taste slightly different. It’s impossible to grow and mix the grapes exactly the same year to year, especially with the varied weather we’ve been seeing recently.

If wine can taste different year to year with a little more sunlight or a little more rain, what about the glass you drink the wine out of? Can your wine glass really make wine taste different—for better or worse? As daily drinkers of wine, Jon and I had to find out for ourselves. Forget the marketing hype, let’s taste the wine and see if there really is a difference. Continue reading to see what we found out…

Pinot Grigio - Your Summer & Beach Wines

As the days heat up, the pools open, and summer travel picks up, you’re going to find yourself in a situation sooner or later where a tasty drink will be a necessity. And what better drink to bring than wine! This week we look at Pinot Grigio, which will serve you very well in all of the above scenarios.

About Pinot Grigio

4 Dos and Don'ts for Boating with Wine

With the unofficial start of summer only 2 weeks away, Memorial Day weekend looks to be filled with BBQs, boating, and of course our favorite: wine. This time around though, don’t be “that guy” that brings the red wine and spills it on himself while boating. Follow these tips to keep your sophisticated wine appeal on the boat:

Stretching Chardonnay into New Tastes

Last week, Jon and I brought you 3 typical Chardonnays and our reviews of the ones we liked. This week, we step outside the norm and identify 3 unique Chardonnays with aromas and tastes that put a spin on this classic wine.

The Typical Chardonnays of the Week

Chardonnay, it’s one of the most widely planted grapes and surely one of the best known ones. Knowing Chardonnay is key to a solid foundation in wine and a great place to start. In this two part series, Jon and I examine 6 Chardonnays—three of which are classic examples of what a typical Chardonnay can taste like and three which take Chardonnay in different directions, giving this wine a nice spin.

Taste the difference: blending wines

I was reading Wine Spectator the other day and stumbled upon a little article about this wonderful new product: Fusebox.

Wine tastings and happy hours around Washington, DC

A lot of people ask me about wine tastings and happy hours in Washington, DC. Well here’s a list of the ones I know about, if you know of any more, please leave a comment!

Wine Flights Specials at The Evening Star Café.
Each week there’s a new selection to try. Starts at 6 p.m.

Making wine fun and easy

The Wine Antisnob

My friend Pat (soon to be culinary guy in Italy!) recently sent me an article in the Wall Street Journal about Tim Hanni, the wine “antisnob”. This is a man who is on a mission to reinvent the American wine industry. Tim was one of the first Americans to be classified as a “Master of Wine”. This is a very privileged title held by only 265 people in the world, imagine that! Part of the rigorous test includes blind tasting wines and being able to discern the region, production method and alcohol levels—-whew! And I thought I was good when I could tell you what grape or grapes the wine was made from :)

2GU Partners with We Are Not Martha - Wine Reviews and Perfect Food Pairings!

Jon and I are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Chelsee and Susie over at We Are Not Martha. WANM will pair their delicious food reviews and recipes with our wine reviews. Future wine reviews on 2 Guys Uncorked and future recipes on We Are Not Martha will include special, highlighted food/wine pairings.

How do I make my own Simpsons character?

If you haven’t already noticed, Jon and I decided to use Simpsons characters that roughly look like us to make the whole wine reviewing experience all that more fun.

One of the questions we get asked is “where can I make my own Simpsons character?”

Luckily, this one is easy to answer (unlike why the fungus Botrytis cinerea is great news for you sweet wine folks, see a future post for that one). Just head over here: and start creating!

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