Stretching Chardonnay into New Tastes

Last week, Jon and I brought you 3 typical Chardonnays and our reviews of the ones we liked. This week, we step outside the norm and identify 3 unique Chardonnays with aromas and tastes that put a spin on this classic wine.

  • First off, we remove Jon’s most hated tasted in Chardonnay: Oak. Instead, we arrive at a fruity Chardonnay with a touch of sweetness. It’s easy to drink and it goes great with this warmer weather we’re having.

  • Now we step it up a notch and take a fruity Chardonnay and add some nice oak to it, bring out vanilla flavors. This really starts to upset Jon, so he votes it down, but I really enjoy it. It’s best served as a food wine. Not so great on it’s own.

  • Ok screw the notch, we set the barrel on fire to bring you this wine. Toasted Head refers to actually toasting the heads (tops and bottoms) of wine barrels with a flamethrower. This brings out great charred, oaky flavors, that to me are delicious. Whether on it’s own or with some fish, this wine is great. Reminds me of camping. Jon on the other hand, despises it — to him, the only thing great about this wine is the flamethrower used to make it :)

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