Sparkling Wine Reviews to Celebrate the Launch of 2 Guys Uncorked!

After a heck of a lot of work, 2 Guys Uncorked launched. It was time for Ted and Jon to celebrate! So, we bought 4 bottles of American sparkling wine. 3 bottles from California and 1 from Washington State.

These are not Champagnes because they don’t come from the Champagne region of France. California sparkling wines tend to be fruitier and less complex than French Champagne and about 1/3rd to 1/5th of the price. However, the Gloria’s complexity and balance certainly gives the French a run for their money. The Piper and Chandon are great for everyday drinking and the Ste. Michelle should be used as a mixer.

You get to see the first 2GU: Disagreement! Ted and I did not agree on the Chandon. I thought that it was really good, but Ted thought that it was mediocre. We encourage you to try the Chandon and figure out what kind of person you are. Are you are a Ted kind of guy/gal or a Jon kind of guy/gal?

So stop off at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods tonight and pick up one of these great bottles. Friday night seems like a great reason to celebrate!


Lbh22 wrote 5 years 10 weeks ago

sounds good.thanks for the comments guys. A few questions about the wines:

What is it about the Gloria that you liked so much? Is it fruity? Is it sweet or dry? Would you suggest it over the standard martini and rossi Asti?

Also, what does the NV stand for in the wine name?

ted's picture
ted wrote 5 years 10 weeks ago

Read our wine review of the Gloria Ferrer to find out why we liked it so much. In a nutshell, a great balanced, dry sparkling wine with a smooth and creamy finish.

The NV means “no vintange” and Jon has written a top 6 sparkling wine terms that covers this.

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