Pinot Grigio - Your Summer & Beach Wines

As the days heat up, the pools open, and summer travel picks up, you’re going to find yourself in a situation sooner or later where a tasty drink will be a necessity. And what better drink to bring than wine! This week we look at Pinot Grigio, which will serve you very well in all of the above scenarios.

About Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is the Italian translation for Pinot Gris (“gree”), and usually the most common name used for this wine (although either name could be used). Pinot Grigio (grey Pinot) is part of the Pinot grape family, joining Pinot Noir (black Pinot) amongst others. Generally, wines made from this grape have lower acidity and rather neutral (or to some winos “boring”) aromas and flavors. Hints of peach or fruit can also be found too. 2 Guys Uncorked certainly doesn’t find them boring!!

The Buys and Don’t Buys

Because of the more neutral tastes of Pinot Grigio, it is more widely drank because it is easier to appreciate and of course, drink. It not heavy or super-sophisticated so enjoying a bottle or two while at the beach in a plastic cup or out of a box is perfectly acceptable.

This week we focused on American Pinot Grigios and we found some great buys!

Three Thieves boxed winebest buy

This delicious boxed wine you can find at Whole Foods and the like. It comes in juice boxed sized containers and makes a great companion for the summer outing. Watch out though, young kids may mistake this for a regular juice box, make sure you bring some real juice for the kids (true story, has happened to me before).

Barefoot 2006buy

Cheap and delicious, you can find this wine almost anywhere. Would go great for that summer time party, picking up a half-case should be very reasonably priced.

Francis Ford Coppola 2006buy

An all around great Pinot Grigio, but just a bit more expensive than the previous two favorites.

White Truck 2006disagree

The age old debate between Jon and me: to oak, or not to oak? In the case of this wine, a bit of oak brings in opposite reviews. I like it. Jon doesn’t. With 3 clear winners above, it might be best to save your $10 and stock up on the Three Thieves instead.

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