Pinot Grigio - How Do You Say "Chug" In Italian

When reviewing wines for 2 Guys Uncorked, I usually come home from work, pop the designated bottle for that night, grab a nice thin-rimmed glass and fill it up. I make sure it’s a big glass of wine because: 1)I am thirsty, and 2)I want to see how the wine changes when it gets warmer and is exposed to air. A glass of wine can change a lot over 30 minutes and I want to be thorough in my review.

Barker ChugThis week Ted and I reviewed Pinot Grigios from Italy. My usual review method left me unimpressed… until I came home one hot night, grabbed the bottle from the fridge and took a big swig out of the bottle. Now I get it. Italian Pinot Grigio should be drunk like water: cold and gulped.

Pinot Grigio is not complex, but it’s refreshing. It’s not elegant, but it’s clean and simple. Each bottle that I tried tasted slightly metallic. Like mineral water right from the spigot of a natural spring like Saratoga or Calistoga. There’s also some tart lemony and straw flavors. All of these bottles came from the Veneto region of Italy, where Venice is located. It’s coastal and cool there, so the wines tend to be lighter, and the food is more seafood oriented, which calls for white wine.

So here’s my advice. Check out the 5-day forecast. If it looks like it’s going to top 90 degrees, then run down to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods and pick up a couple bottles of Italian Pinot Grigio. When the sun is beating down on you, get some friends together and chug.

2006 Contadino Pinot Grigiobest buy

Ted and I picked this one for a “best buy” because it has better flavors than the other three and more of them. All four are very similar in style, but this one does it best.

2007 Campello Pinot Grigiobuy

Crisp, clean and refreshing. An all around good value.

2006 Villa Sonia Piave Pinot Grigio well priced

Not good, not bad. Needs a little bit more character.

2006 Gaetano D’Aquino Pinot Grigiodon’t buy

If you are looking for an Italian PG, look elsewhere. This one is boring.

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