Organic and Biodynamic Wines of the Week

Ted and I stormed Whole Foods and bought up their inventory of organic and biodynamic wines. We got 6 bottles (which is a pretty good selection) and set out to work.

Overall, we found the wines to be disappointing. My $10 bill could have gone much further with a non-organic bottle. However, there were a few stand-out bottles which had the grace, flavor and balance of our usually weekly “Best Buy” with the extra bonus of the organic/biodynamic certification. If drinking organic is important to you, make sure to snap up the first two bottles before they are gone.

2006 Full Circle Chardonnay: Crisp, balanced and tasty. This $8 bottle was the surprise standout in our organic/biodynamic wine tasting. Best Buy of the Week

2006 Robert Sinskey “Aries” Pinot Noir: A graceful, delicate pinot that would complement any meal. If you want to try a biodynamically grown wine, this is a great first bottle.

2005 La Rocca Vineyards Zinfandel: Absolutely undrinkable. Don’t Buy of the Week

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