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Shaking It Up: 6 Tasty Wine Cocktails

This week, 2 Guys Uncorked is getting unconventional. Forget the usual swirling and sniffing, Ted and I are going to mix things up, literally, with wine cocktails.

Wine does not need to be drunk alone. If you have a bottle of wine (sparkling or still) sitting in the fridge, grab some mixers and turn it into a tasty batch of cocktails. Here are six of our favorites:

Taste the difference: blending wines

I was reading Wine Spectator the other day and stumbled upon a little article about this wonderful new product: Fusebox.

5 Reasons Why We Focus on Trader Joe's and Whole Foods

People always ask us: “Why do you review wines from only Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods?” Although it’s a little weird to just focus on two stores, if you think about the reasons below, our decision makes good sense:

Making wine fun and easy

The Wine Antisnob

My friend Pat (soon to be culinary guy in Italy!) recently sent me an article in the Wall Street Journal about Tim Hanni, the wine “antisnob”. This is a man who is on a mission to reinvent the American wine industry. Tim was one of the first Americans to be classified as a “Master of Wine”. This is a very privileged title held by only 265 people in the world, imagine that! Part of the rigorous test includes blind tasting wines and being able to discern the region, production method and alcohol levels—-whew! And I thought I was good when I could tell you what grape or grapes the wine was made from :)

Other wine sites to check out

  • Wine Blogger, a collection of links of other wine blogs out there
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  • AlaWine, all of the highest rated wines and accompanying reviews
  • Nirvino, a site that brings together wine reviews from throughout the internet and compiles them for easy searching
  • eBacchus, a collection of unbiased wine reviews from members of the site

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