I’m Jonathan Harriman, co-founder of 2 Guys Uncorked. Seven months ago, Ted and I were brainstorming. We wanted to help our friends and family find great wines, but everyone was spread out across the nation. So we found the common link: Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. There is a TJ’s or WFs in every major metropolitan area in the US. Even better, their wine selections are pretty consistent between locations. 2 Guys Uncorked was born!

We spent the next six months honing our idea and drinking great wine (and really bad wine). There are a bunch of quality wine blogs out there, so 2GU had to be different. I knew that 99% of wine drinkers don’t care about in-depth discussions of “terroir”. They just want to find a great bottle at a great price.

We decided to cut the BS and provide wine reviews that were quick, fun and easy to understand. I have always thought that the 100 point wine rating system was absolute BS, so it had to go. Instead we came up with an honest rating system that didn’t reward bottles with huge price tags.

While working on 2GU, I have tapped into my vast knowledge of everyday wine and my creativity. As an attorney, I avoid legal hurdles and ensure that 2 Guys Uncorked is on the fast track to success.

Bring 2GU to life has been a blast! I got the chance to transform an idea into reality. I am dedicated to upholding 2GU’s motto: “Making Wine Fun and Easy” So, check out our picks of the week and get your butt to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.

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