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Hey everyone! So I’m Ted, co-founder of 2 Guys Uncorked. I started working on this wine concept with Jon about 7 months ago—we both were drinking lots of wine and sharing reviews. We soon realized that other people were interested in our reviews, because we were telling it straight. Our reviews weren’t biased nor full of large, esoteric words and we gave the most important advice: either buy this wine or don’t. Simple as that.

So we decided to put the wine where our mouth is, so to speak, and build a website where we could share our reviews with the world. Not only that, but we wanted to tell people what wines they should buy and what ones they shouldn’t. There are lots of great wines out there and lots of bad ones. However, the really fancy wine places tend to review the higher priced wines—what about those $8 bottles, ya know, the ones you’re most likely to buy (same goes for me, shh!).

We figured, if we review wines that anyone can get from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, or even any other well-stocked wine store, we could make wine fun and easy for everyone. Now there would be reviews of wines that you could easily get, and not only that, ones that wouldn’t break the bank so you could try lots of them. And even better, we’d help you along with clear cut reviews, that give you the action you need to know: buy, or don’t buy. And we’ll even help categorize wines that would go well with certain events, like hanging out for the weekend or trying to impress that hot date of yours (ps – we’re both currently single, hint, hint).

So that’s at least my whole take on how we got from a sunny day in June to this snowy day in January. So raise your glasses and make some cheers, because this year, 2 Guys Uncorked is going to help you celebrate your best days, and commiserate with you on your worst. Salud!

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