The Idea

2 Guys Uncorked was created by Jon Harriman and Ted Serbinski, both Cornellians, in the summer of 2007. While at Cornell, Jon and Ted studied wine under Etienne Merle, Stephen Mutkoski and Abby Nash.
People want to drink wine, not read about it

Nowadays, most people buy wine when they are shopping at Trader Joe’s® and Whole Foods® instead of at specialty wine shops. This change is great. TJ’s and WFs have a huge selection of wines from all across the globe at affordable prices!

But, this huge selection can be a problem. Some bottles are great finds, while others suck. So here’s where we come in. 2 Guys Uncorked reviews different wines every week from TJ’s and WFs, posts their reviews online, and gives you the inside info before you buy.

Easy to Read Reviews

Wine should be fun, not frustrating

Our reviews are quick, fun and easy to understand. We avoid pretentious terms, like “provenance” and “terroir”. We will not claim to find ridiculous flavors and aromas, like “phenol” or “mousiness”. We do our best to pair each wine with everyday foods. 2 Guys Uncorked keeps it simple.

Price as a Factor

The price-tag matters

When buying wine, everyone looks at the price tag, so we do too. Our reviews are based on quality and value. The 100 point wine rating system is pure fiction and a lot of great wines get overlooked. So, we have devised a rating system that is open-minded and honest.

Each week, we name a Best buy (when we both love it) and a Don’t buy (when we both don’t like it). We let you know what’s a deal and when to save your money.

Jonathan Harriman

Jon Harriman has been drinking wine for 10 years. His parents drank wines from Bordeaux and the Rhone, so he started out with a strong French red influence. His sister Emma bought him an awesome wine opener for Christmas, so he can drink all these great wines. He really got into wine while going to Cornell in the Finger Lakes region of New York, home of America’s greatest rieslings. The Finger Lakes wineries showed him that great wine didn’t always come with big price tags or snobbery. After Cornell, Jon moved to San Francisco to attend USF Law School. This brought him to the epicenter of the American wine industry.

Jon takes frequent trips to Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino and is always looking for emerging trends in wine. He has also travelled all over the world looking for great wine. While San Francisco is flooded with high-quality, well-priced California wines, Jon keeps his drinking diverse. He is not biased against any one region or grape and is always on the lookout for a great deal.

Theodore Serbinski

Ted Serbinski has been drinking wine for 7 years. At first, he was never much interested in wine; why bother when there are so many great beers out there? He really got into wine when he took the “wines” class at Cornell. After trying over 80+ wines in a semester, he was hooked. Wine touring in the Finger Lakes only added to the enjoyment, as did attending Etienne’s wonderful wine tastings (who knew wines existed that taste like gasoline!).

After Cornell, Ted moved to DC to pursue a career as a web architect. He soon became internationally recognized for his numerous contributions to the Drupal framework, his lead architecture role for version one of the Sony Musicbox, development of Leo Laporte’s Netcast Network TWiT, and much more. Additionally, he has worked with many clients on numerous scalability, performance, and architectural issues including Lifetime TV, The Seattle Times, Our Brisbane (Australia), Songbird, and many more. Currently he serves as the Chief Technical Officer for MothersClick, a startup focused on helping moms connect, learn, and share with one another.

With frequent visits to tastings in DC, trips to Napa and Sonoma to wine tour, and even back up north to the Finger Lakes, Ted has really expanded his wine knowledge. 2 Guys Uncorked is a fusion of his two passions: wine and the web.

About 2GU

2 Guys Uncorked, making wine fun and easy!

  • launched 21 Jan 2008
  • 71 wines reviewed
  • 58% are best buys
  • 39% are don't buys
  • 13 forum posts
  • 280 Trader Joes wine stores
  • 265 Whole Foods wine stores

About Jon

Jon’s the legal guy, he keeps us out of jail.

  • Bottles of Wine Drank: 2000+ (from over 30 different countries)
  • Current Interests: New Zealand Pinot Noir; Everything from Mendocino County, CA; Affordable White Blends from Southwestern France
  • Favorite Pairings: Sauternes and Blue Cheese; Malbec and Grilled Skirt Steak; Riesling and Grilled Shrimp Caesar Salad

About Ted

Ted’s the tech guy, he makes this site go.

  • Bottles of Wine Drank: 1124
  • Current Interests: AlbariƱo wines, Cool-Climate Pinot Noirs (Oregon, New Zealand); New York Ice Wine; Gewurztraminers
  • Favorite Pairings: Pinot Noir & Chocolate Chip Cookies; Syrah and Filet Mignon; Riesling and Thai Food

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